The cover

Trying to decide on a cover for the soon to be released book and while the publisher is absolutley great about it all, I have no idea what it should be like. I’ve never given a cover any thought. Sent along my limited ideas, wish I could be more helpful.


Sent out a Sci-Fi sub to Analog magazine, still awaiting word on the release date of, “The Wishstone” through Sirens Call Pub and awaiting the last two chapters of proofreading on, “Plague” before sending it out. Have the majority of next novel outlined, hope to begin to put pen to paper (I suppose fingers to keys would be more accurate) next month.

Horror World Review

Received a great review from Dave Sims of Horror World, on the recent release of Darkness Ad Infinitum. This is a beautiful book, and I’m glad I was involved in it, the publisher and staff were wonderful to work with. My short story, “Brannigans Window” appears on page 181.

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Darkness Ad Infinitum by Edited by Shawna Bernard, Matt Edginton, Alandice A. Anderson, & Parker Michael; Villipede Publications; 2014; 312 pgs; $14.19 US

Each year, anthologies hit the shelves in greater numbers which tends to water down the quality of the stories and stretches themes into mere suggestions. Not everyone can be Ellen Datlow or Paula Guran and cull the best stories from the dark pool of horror authors from across the globe. Familiar names typical fill the pages with only a stray newcomer or two to break into the fold.
Thank God for small presses! When constructed properly, new voices can be heard. Strong voices with something special to say can fill the minds of readers with visions they had not yet experienced.
Villipede Publications has emerged from the darkness to bring its vision to the masses – and does so with strength and clarity.
The editors of Darkness Ad Infinitum have accomplished a great feat: amassing fifteen stories and four poems from non-name brand writers in a collection that is seamless in structure and strong in quality from cover to cover.
Also impressive is the artwork, from the beautifully disturbing cover by Wednesday Wolf to the other nine artists whose works introduce each story. The amount of care and imagination placed into creating this anthology is evident on every page.
But onto the stories, the real reason why readers buy anthologies. The editors have included writers from around the globe which lends itself to a bevy of flavors typically not found in the everyday horror collection. The views and images painted on the pages provide a true variety of terrors, both subtle and explicit, in a manner which celebrates viewpoints many are not familiar. Darkness Ad Infinitum opens with “Longboat” by Becky Relegado, somewhat Lovecraftian in nature yet with a cultural sensibility not found in Innsmouth or Dunwich. That unsettling tale sets the tone for the rest of the book, a fine, strong choice that lets the reader know he or she is in for a ride just a bit different than the typical fare. Kudos to each entry here but the favorites of this reviewer are “Brannigan’s Window,” “The Song That Crawled,” and “The Undertaker’s Melancholy.”
Give some of the newer presses a chance and a smart choice would be Villipede. If their other offerings are up to the standards of Darkness Ad Infinitum, they will likely be around for quite a long time.


Nov 24, 2014

Whispers From the Past

Whispers from the Past -72dpi-1500x2000 (5)Whispers from the Past: 
Fright & Fear

Read with your eyes and listen with your mind to the Whispers from the Past. This collection of short stories includes beasts, possessions and spirits who play for keeps. These tales will certainly influence your fear and make you question what you believe. Don’t be upset if you’re left wondering who you are dealing with in reality and looking over your shoulder twice. Whispers from the Past: Fright & Fear is the first collection of fear revealing and fright inducing tales compiled by North 2 South Press. This collection is intended for the adult reader. It includes more than 20 short stories and ends with a few creepy poetic forms.

(Blurb taken in its entirety from Publishers Website)

Available September 26th


Click above link for a list of contributing author’s


The Waiting Game

Things to do while waiting for a response from Editors.


1. WORLD WALK – Attempt to beat Dave Kunst’s 1974 record of walking around the planet.

2. BUILD AN ARK – Large enough for every animal in existence – by hand.

3. GET A DOCTORATE – In anything. Perhaps a PhD in editing.

4. PAINT A MURAL – On the Cliffs of Dover

5. SWIM THE ATLANTIC OCEAN – Then, do it again. Don’t worry, you’ll have time

6. LEARN NEW LANGUAGES – Seven should do it

7. CLIMB TO THE SUMMITOf all ten of the top mountain ranges on the planet

8. READ – Every book in The Library of Congress. You know you’ve always wanted to do this anyway

9. COUNT BLADES OF GRASS – Start with your own yard, then do your neighbors

10. BUILD A SPACESHIP – One that can take you to Proxima Centauri.