The Waiting Game

Things to do while waiting for a response from Editors.


1. WORLD WALK – Attempt to beat Dave Kunst’s 1974 record of walking around the planet.

2. BUILD AN ARK – Large enough for every animal in existence – by hand.

3. GET A DOCTORATE – In anything. Perhaps a PhD in editing.

4. PAINT A MURAL – On the Cliffs of Dover

5. SWIM THE ATLANTIC OCEAN – Then, do it again. Don’t worry, you’ll have time

6. LEARN NEW LANGUAGES – Seven should do it

7. CLIMB TO THE SUMMITOf all ten of the top mountain ranges on the planet

8. READ – Every book in The Library of Congress. You know you’ve always wanted to do this anyway

9. COUNT BLADES OF GRASS – Start with your own yard, then do your neighbors

10. BUILD A SPACESHIP – One that can take you to Proxima Centauri.

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