A different way of editing

PaperIf you’re the type of writer I am, you go through a lot of paper during the revision and editing portion of your writing. Endless printings, consuming not only paper, but ink cartridges, yellow highlighters, pens, and most of all, my time. I’ve found an alternative solution that has done away with all that. All you need is either a PC or a laptop, which most people write on anyway, and an electronic Ebook reader, such as Kindle, Nook, etc.

I use LibreOffice but you can use any word processing program that you’re comfortable with. Download a free program called, Calibre which is a ebook managing tool that will allow you to convert your initial document to a format that enables you to view it on your Ebook reader. It has all the current extensions for all readers. Launch Calibre and import your document into the program and choose your Ebook readers protocol, and it will save it on your hard drive. If you have a kindle, Amazon offers a nifty free program called Kindle Previewer which will allow you to view how your document will look on a Kindle.

You then simply upload the converted document onto your Ebook reader, from there you can use the “highlight” options by swiping your finger on your device for editing purposes. The portability alone of doing it this way has saved me aggravation. I can sit in a coffee-house, and look over my document on my device rather than having to lug in a manilla folder filled with printed pages and all my highlighters and pens. Although, I do still have to carry one pen and a small spiral notebook when I do this for notes. Devices still do not allow you to add text to an existing document.

John Mc Caffrey

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of using Calibre, but was unsure as to its effectiveness. Now I know!

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